How To Stylishly Wear a Bandana for a Trendy Look and Attire

When you are into fashion, you would always like to wear a trending outfit because it is the latest and you are sure that you will look great on this. While others are busy checking online sites like as well as garment shops in the area, some are simply finding ways on how they can come up with bandanna or kerchief. This might just be a piece of cloth for some but for some, they use this as an accessory and a part of their outfit for different occasions.

If you think that a bandanna is just a handkerchief that you can simply keep in your pockets or store in your bags to be used only when you are sweating, then you are losing its sense of fashion. This is actually a cool stuff that can be used for different purposes while adding glam as you mix and match it with your daily attire. When wearing a kerchief, you do not need to be a professional because you only need to learn how to style and apply it with your fashionable ideas.

Pretty sure that after learning how to incorporate this piece of cloth on your outfits, you will find it difficult to get it off your style because of its versatility. Actually, this could be worn when you are having a formal or casual attire, so you just need to choose the right fabric and print that suits your clothing. By the way, no matter how a man or woman wants to dress or look fashionably, he or she can always count a bandanna in.


When hats are not available, but you have a kerchief then you may use this cloth to protect your hair from sunshine and strong wind. No wonder why a lot of people are using it when they are on the beach or riding a motorbike, though it is still safer to put on your helmet. You will look more stunning when putting on this cloth even having a bad hair day – learn more from

Aside from that, you may also use this bandanna to tie your hair. Dark colors will look great on your light or blond hair, while lighter colors of this fabric will best suit dark hair colors like black. The longer it is the better so that it can wave as the wind blows and will look like a tail on your back.

Classic Style

Men are usually fond of wearing the classic style where you simply fold the fabric until your desired width. After that, you will be tying it around your forehead.

It is actually a standard way of using the bandanna, though it does not match everyone’s taste. However, most guys like this one, especially when they are working outdoors where they sure know that their activity will cause a lot of sweat.

But today, a lot of people had been wearing it when they are dancing. Not only that, you will also find individuals who are walking in the park, doing yoga, cycling, and jogging are also putting this on.  It only shows that this is not just for fashion.

Knot to the Side

With the classic style, the knot is usually found at the back of your head. But a more stylish way is by tying this on the left or right side and this is where you can find the knot.

This will look great on women with short hair as well as those with long hair when they don’t feel like tying it. Imagine wearing a crown made of flowers because this is how it will look like. It would be great when you are wearing an off-shoulder blouse or dress.

Bag Tag

Tying it on the handle of your bag will make it as an accessory. You may choose any color or design that will match your outfit. Look at this link for more ideas.

Simply knot it to make a ribbon will be fine. Though it will be good to tie it like a scarf. Others tie the kerchief on the body of the bag which could be at the topmost or middle part.


The most popular and favorite style of many ladies out there is to put on the kerchief on their necks. When your outfit is denim, then it would be a good match to use the basic fabric. But when you will use it as a scarf when wearing a formal style, then you should choose something silky and shiny or quite crumpled fabric.

Having a scarf is a good way to bring out the best in your outfit, especially when you do not like putting on a necklace. It may look simple but elegant as well because the piece of woven or …