What kind of Art Compliments Your Personality?

Art is a language. Many people fail to acknowledge this and yet it remains a very real fact. It is interesting to discover that your art preferences say a lot about the type of person that you are. It’s amazing that certain personality traits within us attract us more to certain types of art more than others. In this way, art teaches us things about ourselves that we will otherwise be clueless about. So what exactly is it about genres of art that tell us things about ourselves. So what does art tell you about a person?

For starters, some people are more attracted to certain artwork because of the artists. You may find yourself more intrigued by certain artwork because of the artist. Usually, knowledge of the artists’ personal life and struggles leads people to be more immersed in the work of artists that they feel like they can relate to on a personal level. A study showed that when a group of 10 people were exposed to two different paintings one by John Lennon and the other by Adolf Hitler. Majority of the subjects preferred the Hitler painting,

However when the same painting was shown to this group weeks later now with the knowledge of the artists. The same subjects who had preferred Hitler’s paintings described it as “crude”. The next time you come across a person who is very fond of a piece of art, try to find out about the artist, more often than not people can relate directly with the artist behind their favorite artwork.

Forms of art are another tell about the personality of a person. Some people tend to prefer sculptures over canvasses. Others prefer larger pieces over smaller ones. These preferences are also a huge indicator of personalities among people. People who prefer sculptures over canvasses tend to be more open-minded about life.

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